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2013 m. sausio 22 d., antradienis

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Flashback 2012

Hello my dear shiny angels!

This is me again, with my all around the world label update. This time again - kisses from Malaysia! :) I do not remember how many time i've already been traveling to this beautiful country in past almost two years, but every time i am really happy to come back there, because there are just so many new things which i haven't seen, that i wanna go again and again.
Especially that mostly i have short term trips, but thanks to my beloved ones, i can manage to see many new and inspiring things/places, that i am coming back fully charged!

This time, please see bellow moments with my beutiful Rūta and her super sweet friends having fun somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy! :)

All my love!

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