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2013 m. liepos 3 d., trečiadienis

Khon Kaen 2013

Hello my sweet purple bubbles!!

I would like to share with you some beautiful inspiration from one of my beautiful trips to Thailand. I will never stop saying that if you have never been to Asia, Thailand should be the first country which should be visited. Everything (EVERYTHING) is so inspiring!! Each part of the country is incredibly different.
This trip was my first one to the easter part of the country. Khon Kaen is a very warm and very positive place of our beautiful world. 

 Mr.Turtle :)

 Valikabu found  new friend! :)

Valikabu found one more friend :)

The most spicy soups ever! EVER!!!

Beautiful sunset...

Bugs for dinner!!! Challenge accepted!  Muahahahahaaaaaa!!!  

I have tried this. One. 

Thanks, but no thanks.. 


Super cozy place to have a dinner (more or less 3 euro for two persons) in front of magic lake:

Kiss from Valikabu! See you very soon again! :)

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