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2013 m. rugsėjo 1 d., sekmadienis

New beginning

Hello, my mesmerizing little sea stars!!! 

Let's celebrate - day of health and happiness! Year 2013 is bringing me many changes in my life - and every change shapes my mental perception sometimes cardinally. I do not see anything bad in it (even if sometimes you have to learn from some big and not always positive changes of your life). Well, everything is just for good! Today i am happy and healthy person with loads of positive energy in my head and my beautiful life!

You will not see any fashion in this post, but i do hope that you will get lots of inspiring thoughts while looking to the pictures bellow. I am healthy, happy, i have friends i can die for  who loves me no matter  what, i am going crazy for my job which for me became not just my work, but my life i am 24/7 there, i am happy and super active, i am finding my activities, my soul mates, more and more inspirations in simple things which are always around us. Physical activities became an integral every day part  - bellow some beautiful and sunny moments for which i am going crazy for: 

SUP  - stand up paddling (it might be called paddle boarding as well)

Surfing!!! Love of my life. Completely.

Long boarding, skateboarding - it's a perfect alternative for a public transport here in the streets of Barcelona. Streets are adapted perfectly  for this kind of activities. So much fun!!!

Night long boarding!! :) Crazy long boarding through all Barcelona with my loves when there are no people and cars in the streets. 

Once it was even possible to surf in Barcelona!! :) Can't wait for the next time.. :)

Lovely long boards and yoga. Perfect combination of balance, concentration and positiveness.

Longboarding in Sitges - amazingly cozy town!

Barcelona. Long board. And happy up side down princess :)

Summer weekends in the park with classes of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. 

Sun, water and love!!!

Acroyoga (yoga acrobatic)

Perfect waves at 7 in the morning in the North of Spain.

Slackline - my new love i am completely going crazy for.

Sessions of yoga in the beach.

Last surf vacation from South West France (Hossegor) 

Slack line in the beach!

Slack line in the park

SUP yoga, SUP pilates


Let's stay healthy and travel a lot, babes!

All my love!


3 komentarai:

  1. Sveika,noriu paklasuti,koki darba dirbi,kad tiek pasaulio tenka apkeliauti?baltas pavydas!

  2. Labas E> (oho!) :)

    Jei trumpai, tai dirbu vitrinu dekoratore, va ir keliauju, vitrinas grazias kuriu pasauliui! :) Kazkur jei ziuretum kitus irasus, yra nuotrauka is Laimos zurnalo - ten viskas labai smulkiai aprasyta apie darbeli :)

    O del nuotraukyciu lbai dekoju, dziaugiuosi, kad patiko! :)