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2012 m. gruodžio 24 d., pirmadienis

Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas, my lovely animals! Wish you lots of inspirations and love!!!

Kiss you!!

2012 m. gruodžio 22 d., šeštadienis

Valikabu in London!

From 23rd until 28th i am there :)

2012 m. gruodžio 20 d., ketvirtadienis

I will be your Christmas tree then.

Well, i am not the fan of Christmas/Easter/Birthday etc. And i do not think it is rare. Tonight i want to be Christmas. And Christmas it's what you believe in. I believe that fire in your eyes will never dissapear.
And it doesn't matter black or white, or shiny as an uberhypnotic rainbow. Sparkle in your soul - this is my religion!

Pictures made by good friend and the photographer, who has his own style. Check it out! Press HERE if you wanna check his blog, and check HERE if you wanna check his Facebook.

Jacket: from India, Delhi (hand made)
Belt: From Lithuania, Klaipeda (Vintage, second hand)
Ring: From Spain, Barcelona (H&M)
Pants: From Spain, Barcelona (American apparel)
Shoes: From Thailand, Bangkok (Wonder anatomie)

2012 m. gruodžio 19 d., trečiadienis


VALIKABU 4ever and ever!!!

In my heart.

To tell you the truth, Valikabu came to my life when i was a little girl... My mum and dad told me that it was one of my childhood words, you know, when kids are naming all their world around properly, in appropriate names.
Let's keep our wild kids inside for as long as it is possible.
Keep your passion! And never ever stop dreaming!

Tiesą pasakius, Valikabu į mano gyvenimą atėjo nuo labai seniai, kai aš buvau dar visai mažas kleckas. Tėveliai pasakojo, kad vienu metu visas mane supntis pasaulis vadinosi Valikabu. Nutariau, dalelę savo nuostabios vaikystės nešiotis nuolat su savimi.
Sentimentai blogo pavadinimui taip pat - kuo toliau, tuo labiau tai tampa mano vizualiu dienoraščiu, kuriuo, kaip matau, džiaugiasi tokie patys mieli ir spalvoti žvėriūkai, su padykusiais žaibukais akyse :)
Ačiū uz tai!

2012 m. gruodžio 17 d., pirmadienis

India. Delhi 2012

One of the most beautiful placed in all universe. India.

Incredibly colorful and inspiring people...

Still lives which are going to stay forever in my mind...

Peaceful souls....

Red fort...

India gate...


Allmighty people.




Lotus temple... The most inspiring and peaceful place...

One love!

2012 m. gruodžio 11 d., antradienis

Stripes and pink elephants


Black white black white black white + cookies inside your head = tasty!!!


Sweater: vintage market (Taiwan),
Pants: H&M (you already saw it here)
Shoes: Wonder anatomie (brought from Bangkok)
Head decoration: bought in North Thailand (hand made)