Friendship will save the world

I want a world where friendship is appreciated as a form of romance.
I want a world where when the people ask if we are seeing anyone, we can name the list of all our best friends and no one will bat en eye lid. 
I want monuments and holidays and certificates and ceremonies to commemorate friendship. 
I want a world that doesn't require us to be in a sexual/romantic partnership to be seen as mature.
I want a moevement that fights for all forms of relationships, not just the sexual ones. 
I want thousands of songs and movies and poems about the intimacy between friends.
I want a world where our worth isn't linked to our desireability, our security to our monogamy, our family to our biology.   

All i want is friends holding my hand, kissing my face and laughing at the memes i text them all day! 

Let's celebrate friendship day every day, sunshines! Lets kiss each other's faces every day, let's  blossom in each other's arms, let's cry from happines looking into each others eyes, let's collect laughing wrinkles together, let's move our always sexy asses when listening to Calle13 (!) even after 50 years!

This project was made togehter with my magic soulmates:
Photographer: Andrius Budrikas

All my love!