We are kids of this beautiful world. Mother Earth is feeding us. Aliens are coming back and celebrating day of boomerang together. We are waiting for the mermaids and sound of the sea songs. Our eyes are wide. And in love. With door steps and turtle shells. Just two tears. To feel the light. We are absorbing it  and translating for our future tribes.  Star dust on our faces and all we need is thunderstorm in our palms.

Head piece: from Myanmar
Necklase: handmade by Lauro
Jacket: from Japan

Turban: Zara
Cap: Vintage
Necklase: Lauro Samblas
Sweater: Kenzo
Skirt: Vintage

Head piece: from Myanmar
Jacket: from japan
Necklace: Lauro Samblas
Pants: H&M

Blue turban: vintage
Necklace: Lauro Samblas
Flower scarf: from grandmother
Jacket: India (handmade)
Blouse: India (handmade)
Skirt: Vintage

Beautiful project with beautiful people and inspiring discoveries from all around the world. I am so delighted to share with  you this beautiful baby made from mesmerizing inspirations brought from all around the world. 

Read about us in the most crazy Lithuanian magazine PANELE (August issue 2013! :)

Photographer: Laura Garcia
Styling: Lauro Samblas and Valikabu