Quoque is a young brand that aims to reinterpret from an innovative point of view the classic shoe.
This project was led by Marta Ferrer. This young Menorca , from an early age has always felt very attracted to fashion and design in all its possible variants. This hobby led to college and textile pattern design in the best schools in Barcelona as Felicidad Duce School and Guerrero combined with different professional experiences in several leading companies in the sector.

Different personal circumstances led Marta to take up residence again in the island of Menorca . Aware of the limitations offered by the fashion textile sector in Menorca , he made a previous stop in Milan to specialize in footwear Arsutoria , one of the best and most prestigious schools in the fashion mecca .
Quoque is the last stage of the career in the world of fashion Marta Ferrer. A project that allows their creativity without ties or limitations

Quoque was born with the intention of uniting the Minorcan shoemaking industry and an innovative philosophy. Brand's aim is to search for new shapes, textures and colors that represent the particular vision of the present and future of shoemaking while respecting the essence of a timeless design. To interpret the classic shoe with no strings attached and from a new perspective. The final goal is to produce a subtle yet elegant product designed for the modern woman.

Quoque shoes are handmade at Menorca’s best workshops. Quoque team is always looking for the best possible quality during the manufacturing process, from the first draft to the last stitch, including the choice of the materials which are going to be used. The final result represents the vision of excellence applied to a shoe.

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